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Best Bodyboard Fins

The importance of proper fins in bodyboard surfing is often overlooked. Although the general shape and size of the fins may look similar, there are still some of the fins that are more preferred than others.

One might think that the piece of rubber around your feet is not as important as the board, but you’ll find some interesting information regards the technology and preferences that some of the premium fins offer. Although bodyboards with fins have some sort of traction, the importance of decent swim fins is a crucial part to maximize the time spent in the surf.

Bodyboard fins are also ideal for snorkeling, swimming and for surf photography!

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Bodyboard Swim Fins = Bodyboard Fins
Bodyboard = Boogie Board

How to choose bodyboard fins?

When choosing a pair of swim fins to compliment your bodyboarding habit, there are not too many rules to follow – Just get the right size!

  • Floating Fins? Before going in, make sure that the flippers would float. This knowledge makes you more confident when you’d happen to lose a slipper in the surf!
  • Directional / Angled Shape – It is a personal preference which flipper one would seem to go for.
  • DaFin vs Churchill – DaFin has a much better initial and sustained acceleration. The fin is super soft and comfortable around the foot area, but fairly stiff overall when it comes to the whole fin, especially when kicking hard.

What are the best Bodyboard Fin / Swim Fin brands?

DaFin, Churchill, and Alton are some of the best swim fin brands bodyboarders use all around the world, and well represented in this review!


Best Bodyboard Fins of 2021

1. DaFin Swim Fins
2. Churchill Makapuu
3. Aalton Logo
4. Finis Long Floating Fins
5. Arena Powerfin PRO
6. DaFin Life Guard Swim Fins
7. Viper Bodyboard Fins




1. DaFin – Swim Fins

DaFin is the only swim fin endorsed by the US Lifesaving Association

dafin bodyboard swim fins

MSRP: $66 Jack’s Surfboards

One of the best swim fins with a bunch of positive feedback, the most classic non-directional swim fins offer plenty of speed and comfort over a long period of time. This model has specially designed ‘strakes’ for extended power and control. There are six different color schemes and eight size options to choose from! Check in-store for more!

The convenience of universal or so-called hybrid, non-directional swim fins is also way better when going in on uneven and messy conditions!

Available at – Jack’s Surfboards


2. Churchill – Makapuu (Floating)

The original!

churchill bodyboard swim fins

MSRP: $48 Jacks Surfboards

One of the more iconic pair of flippers, the Churchill Makapuu has been around for ages and has proved to be one of the favorites among many. What’s great is the simple yet solid design that works well, the drainage area has plenty of flow, and the rubber around the feet is also comfortable and easy to follow.

Check out the size differences for both men and women from the Jacks Surfboards page where they have a great variety of bodyboard swims to choose from!

Available at – Jack’s Surfboards


3. Aalton – Logo

New – 2021 model!

aalton swim finsMSRP: $40 Jacks Surfboards

Aalton is a brand that produces an awesome variation of surf gear at a pretty darn good value. Here is their brand new pair of flippers made from Malaysian rubber. Just what you’d expect from a decent pair of swim fins, these have it! Unidirectional, made of Soft Flex, this pair of flippers has a vacuum drain design that eliminates excess water and sand in the fins.

Check out the size chart recommendations to find the best-suited sizes and models for you!

Available at – Jack’s Surfboards


4. Finis – Long Floating Fins

Swim fins with over 6,000 ratings on Amazon!

finis swim fins

If you came here sincerely for the Finis fins, here’s a pair of Amazon’s best-selling swim fins! There are way too many sizes and colors to choose from so check in-store.

Are these great for bodyboarding? Probably not as these are above-average in length and might strain the feet too much.

Available at –


5. Arena – Powerfin PRO

17 different color patterns! A choice for swimmers

arena swim fins

Whether you are swimming in the ocean or in a pool, this model has been created to elevate your performance to the next level as a swimmer. The vertical leg kick allows you to control and control your body position to make that proper leg kick you’d want as a swimmer. There’s also over 1,000 positive feedback on Amazon rely on the durability of these fins.

The open heel ensures the best possible ankle flexibility for a proper downward leg kick.

Available at –


6. DaFin – Life Guard Swim Fins

Style & performance

da fin swim fins

MSRP: $66 Jacks Surfboards

Made for saving lives, there’s no compromise made either on the design nor the durability of those fins. Again, a pair of classic swim/bodyboard flippers one will find real useful when actively pursuing the world of the water. We wouldn’t go as far and say these flippers are indestructible, but when used correctly those will be hanging around in your garage for years, and we mean – years!

Available from sizes XXS to XXL, these vibrant-colored flippers are made for a bunch of committed folks.

Available at – Jack’s Surfboards


7. Viper – Bodyboard Fins

Best boogieboard fins!

viper fins

We saved the best for last – Viper offers quite unique, retro-looking bodyboard flippers at a premium price-tag. Check out their selection a stand out from the crowd by getting a premium pair of swim fins for bodyboarding!

Available at –



Do I need fins to bodyboard?

Fins offer a ton of extra push navigating yourself in the waves so yes, you definitely need a pair of proper fins in order to successfully surf with a bodyboard.

It is also recommended to use fin socks if you have not been surfing regularly.

What are the best fins for bodyboarding?

Churchill, Aalton and DaFin are some of the best fins to get in 2021

What size bodyboard fins should I get?

Make sure to get the right size flippers as this is the most important factor when surfing.





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