Best Beach Cruisers Bicycles

Cruisers are probably the most comfortable bicycles you are ever going to ride. The main components that make those bike the ‘cruisers’ are:

  • Large and balloony tires on 26-inch wheels
  • Wavey handlebar
  • Double-spring extra large saddle
  • Funky frame style
  • The upward and laid-back riding position

Which Beach Cruiser Bicycle to Choose?

Although the following beach cruisers look and perform well in their overall designed environment, there are still some aspects to prefer. The main difference would be the quality of components and the number of different gears each model has.

Single-speed / 3-speed / 7-speed – Which one to choose?

Single-speed or the 1-speed model is the most common choice for “classical” beach cruisers. It is easy to spot one by looking at the rear wheel and noticing only one sprocket while the multiple gear cruisers have a derailleur. To count the number of gears the bike has you could count the number of sprockets the bike has on the rear.

Why prefer a Single Speed beach cruiser bicycle?

A single-speed beach cruiser is an easy way to go. Those bikes are usually cheaper compared to multiple-gear bikes, in most cases maintenance-free and there is a back-pedal rear brake option inside the rear wheel for breaking. I like the fixed-gear idea of its simplicity, and it looks more like a cruiser than any other bike. A beach cruiser is for cruising, but when you are in need of the gears – you are probably not cruising anymore.

Why to prefer a geared (3 / 5 / 7)-Speed Beach Cruiser Bicycle?

If you are the sort of person who likes anything with all the extras and options to choose from, a multiple gear version is probably best for you. A variety of gears come handy when you live in a hilly region or like to choose the pace to flow although bicycles with derailleurs need adjustments now and then as regular maintenance after a year or so.

Steel or Alloy Frame?

Since you are buying the bicycle for very light riding conditions like the cruiser is designed for – you don’t need to worry too much about the difference. Both Steel and Aluminium frames are very durable though the aluminum weighs a little less than a steel frame.

What are the differences between the men’s and women’s beach cruiser models?

The main difference would be the upper vertical tube-like for any other bicycle frames – men’s bike has a straighter tube while women’s bike has an arch bending.

Bike Size Chart






Firmstrong Beach Cruisers




7-speed CA520
  • Men’s beach cruiser bicycle
  • Available in 3- or 7-speed
  • 19’inch frame suitable for 5′ to 6’4” tall riders
  • Alloy frame
  • Front and rear breaks
  • Oversized spring-saddle
  • Ballon tires
  • 26” wheels

The bike comes 80% assembled when shipped. The CA-520 is probably on the flagships bikes from FirmStrong, as it has many essential features, a rigid frame that could carry the rider weighing up to 350 pounds.

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Bruiser Single Speed
  • Men’s beach cruiser bicycle
  • Available in 1,3,5-speed
  • Colors: White, Black, Matte Black, Matte Army Green, etc
  • 19-inch frame
  • Great for riders between 5′ to 6’4″
  • 1- and 3-speed bicycles have a coaster brake
  • 5- and the 7-speed bicycle has a front and rear brake
  • Double-springed saddle

Another awesome beach cruiser by Firmstrong. This bike is an express cruiser with many features – A derailleur to suit the landscape with decent brakes as well. Not to forget the impressive style and good build!

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  • Men’s beach cruiser bicycle
  • Available in 1-, 3-, 7-Speeds
  • Colors: Black, White, Matte Black, Matte Grey, Orange
  • 26-inch frame
  • Awesome design
  • Double-Spring saddle
  • Balloony tires

Looks bossy, feels, and rides comfy. Another great bike just like the previous one. The single and 3-speed bikes have only the coaster brake, while the 7-speed model has a front brake as well when you are thinking of taking more D-tours than an average cyclist.

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  • Men’s beach cruiser bicycle
  • 26″ Wheels
  • 17″ frame
  • Available in various color schemes
  • Balloony tires
  • Double-Springed saddle
  • Wavey handlebar
  • Single-speed

Awesome looking curvy beach cruiser. Heaps of color-schemes to choose from.

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  • Women’s beach cruiser bicycle
  • Available in many different color-schemes
  • 1-, 3-, 7-speeds
  • Double-springed saddle for comfort
  • Balloon tires for comfort
  • Step-through frame design

An elegant yet very comfortable cruiser that’s also ideal for everyday commutes in the city. It’s got all the features to be one of the most comfortable bicycles you are ever going to ride. Suitable for cyclists between 5′ to 6′ tall. Very affordable and good quality build.

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Critical Cycles



  • Women’s beach cruiser
  • Over ten different color-schemes to choose from
  • Wide Tires
  • Wavey handlebar
  • Double-Springed saddle
  • Comfortable
  • Single-speed

Reasonable, affordable, many different colors to choose from. Extraordinarily durable and outstanding value. It’s got all you need when looking to buy a  new beach cruiser bicycle.

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  • Women’s beach cruiser bicycle
  • Available in many different color-schemes
  • 17″ Steel frame
  • 26″ Rust free alloy wheels
  • Double Coil-Spring saddle
  • Single-Speed
  • Rear-Coaster brake
  • With fenders

This bike comes 85% assembled when ordered online. It’s simple and stylish like a real beach cruiser should be. This model has got all the essentials and even the fenders as an extra that is handy on rainy days!

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It’s up to the cyclist to choose an additional extra for the bike.

Fenders are an essential accessory for a cyclist who likes everyday commuting, even on rainy days. Fenders not only keep the dirt and water from splashing on your knees and back – but they also give the bike a subtle and elegant look. The following model is quite universal for wider tires and gives a subtle finish on the design, definitely a worthy extra.

26-inch Fenders in all possible colors to match your bicycle frame color. Made for the Firmstrong, but might work universally

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  1. Cruiser bikes are great. I have a great time riding this bike. A better sitting position and a comfortable ride is all I need. I usually use a cruiser bike when I go to college or commute. I don’t take my bike to the beach often to be honest. These bikes are just my type. Thank you for the great review.

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