Premium Women’s 3/2 Springsuits

Let’s check out the high-end models

We all know that the more you pay, the more you get, but is it always like that?

Well, in this case, yes, all the wetsuits reviewed down here are carefully picked to make it to this list. Those are the most expensive wetsuits by the most known brands out there:

Best Women’s performance, high-end, most expensive surf wetsuits:

1.) Patagonia R1 Yulex
2.) Rip Curl –  Flash Bomb
3.) Xcel – Infiniti
4.) Roxy – AG47 Performance
5.) Billabong – Furnace Carbon

What is a premium surf wetsuit, and who is it for?

female surfer

Premium wetsuits are for surfers who take no exceptions when they want to maximize their performance by having the best gear that’s out there.

Compared to other widely used wetsuits, the premium wetsuit has the best flexibility, most extended material lifetime, and most versatile features used.

  • In general, after keeping you warm on recommended temperatures ranges; premium wetsuits breathe and feel better, dry quicker, and eventually – giving you all the advantages to focusing on surfing at your best level!

Why get an expensive wetsuit for surfing, what are the differences?

Well, once you are good enough to consider yourself a competent surfer, you are probably a maximalist already. I mean – if you have already advanced in such complex sport as surfing, that’s quite an achievement! Pat yourself on the back, and treat yourself with the best whats out there.

A long-time surfer has gone through many wetsuits through their life – trying both the chest- and back-zip, sealed and taped, neoprene, and other similar materials to know what suits them the best.

Also, the whole surfing culture is about saving our environment, and a good-quality wetsuit (that can be fixed) is something that’ll minimize our carbon footprint by not getting two cheap wetsuits instead of a single superior suit.

What thickness is best for a springsuit?

Unlike the steamer, springsuit is best suited for the in-between seasons. Whether I’ll be the early winter, spring, or autumn, the springsuit thickness generally ranges just around the 2 and 3-millimeter line. Most surfers rely on the 3/2, but down here you’ll find some minor differences by each brand.

It is crucially important to have the appropriate gear to match the seasons, as you want to feel the most comfortable as possible.1

What do all the high-end spring suits share in common?

  • Supreme warmth
  • High-performance technical features
  • Unparalleled fit
  • Chest-zip full suits

NB! This is a guide only: Weather, sensitivity to the cold & conditions at your local break will affect temperatures & choice of equipment

1.) Patagonia R1 Yulex

The only non-neoprene wetsuit with the most corks and features

patagonia r1 yulex womens surf wetsuit

Price range: 400500USD
Patagonia’s suggested water temperatures: 60°–65° F / 16°–18° C

Talking about premium brands, Patagonia is the first to be introduced. Patagonia wetsuits are close to custom, tailor-made premium wetsuits. Patagonia wetsuits are represented in any advanced surf shop all around the world.

What makes Patagonia wetsuits so special? Besides the strong brand movement, Patagonia turned a whole new page in surfing when they got their foot in the surfing industry. The brand gives away 1% of their sales to nature conversations and the product longevity, by fixing the gear, is their another movement.

Although Patagonia started as a climbing gear manufacturer back in the 1950s, they have taken the surfing world by a good gasp by today! I like the fact that Patagonia makes gear for the “Silent sports”: Climbing, running, hiking, surfing, etc. A genuinely specialized brand that justifies every penny of their equipment. You can’t go wrong with Patagonia when looking for new surf gear for years that will last you for a reasonable amount of time.

Product features and specifications:

  • Type – Chest-Zip full suit
  • Weight: 652 g (23 oz)
  • Thickness: 3mm (torso) / 2.5 (arms & legs)
  • Material: 85% Yulex / 15% Synthetic rubber
  • Chlorine-free synthetic rubber
  • Torso/thighs have solution-dyed 95% polyester (51% recycled) / 5% spandex inverted microgrid thermal lining that minimizes weight dries fast and offers excellent flexibility
  • Solution-dyed, high-stretch 100% recycled polyester jersey lining in the arms/legs improves flexibility and dry time; solution-dyed exterior face fabric made with 85% recycled polyester/15% spandex is durable, stretchy and water-resistant; lining and face fabric laminated with solvent-free AquaA™ glue
  • 100% external seam sealing; all seams are triple-glued and internally taped
  • Supratex kneepads and ankle cuffs for maximum durability and anatomic fit
  • Floating, asymmetrical front-zip with corrosion-proof Salmi® zipper provides a better seal and extends suit’s lifespan; unlike other designs, the zipper is replaceable
  • Easy-access key loop
  • Fair Trade Certified™ sewn

patagonia women's wetsuit size

Watch the R1 Yulex Springsuit On YouTube

2.) Rip Curl Flasbomb

Fastest drying wetsuit that allows you to surf multiple times a day without putting on a wet wetsuit.
25% more stretch and is lower profile and lighter than its predecessor.

rip curl womens flashbomb springy

Price range: 300-450USD
Rip Curl’s suggested water temperatures: 58°-68° F / 14,5‘-20‘ C

Features and specifications:

  • Type – Chest-Zip full suit
  • E5 flash lining throughout the entire wetsuit – as flexible as traditional double lined neoprene allowing unrestricted stretch and warmth on the whole suit
  • 3/4 external Aquaban Plus tape and internal
  • E5 Flash lining Tape in the arms provides maximum durability and while maintaining insane flexibility
  • Lightweight yet extremely warm
  • GLUED & BLIND STITCHED seams – Triple glued, a double-stitched seam that only penetrates one side of the material providing a high stretch, high strength, water sealed seam
  • AQUABAN PLUS TAPE Slimline Liquid tape technology for Ultimate sealed seams. Featuring a low bead to increase stretch performance, it acts as an external barrier to cold water by further increasing the integrity of the seam.
  • LOCK SLIDE CLOSURE DESIGN Adjustable shock cord closure system in chest zip and zip free suits to prevent flushing.
  • MESH SKIN Smooth mesh panels that absorb solar heat and reduce wind chill.
  • E5 TAPE Super stretch tape offering the ultimate in seam seal, stretch, and comfort.
rip curl womens wetsuit size chart
Rip Curl Women’s Surf Wetsuit Size Chart. Click to zoom


Watch the suit review on YOUTUBE
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3.) Xcel Infiniti X2 TDC

Fits like a second skin

xcel womens wetsuit

Price range: 250330USD
Xcel’s recommended water temperatures: 55˚-64˚ F / 13‘-18‘C

Specs and features:

Xcel Women’s surf wetsuit size chart. Click to zoom
  • Type – Chest-Zip full suit
  • Infiniti – Ideal core heat production
  • TDC upper body thermal dry celliant
  • Nanoprene Lite Japanese Limestone – Warmer, softer, lighter
  • Plush Thermo Lite-On lower body
  • Performance stretch – For comfort & Performance
  • GBS – Triple glued and blindstitched seams
  • Semi-Dry zipper – with magnetic closure that keeps the water out
  • Nylon collar
  • Dope Dye Yarn – Soft Eco-Friendly anti-fade
  • FusionX tape – For heat pressure seam protection
  • Back Knee Flex Grooves – Prevents bunchings
  • Water-based glue – used on seams
  • NexSkin Wrist and ankle seals – that minimize flushings


Awesome model by a great niche-brand out there. Xcel Wetsuits is Billabong’s sister-company that focuses on making the high-tech wetsuits only. I’d really recommend getting one if you are not sure about the brand! Can’t go wrong by picking the gear from a team of specialists.


Buy from Xcel / Amazon

4.) Roxy AG47 Performance

roxy womens surfing wetsuit inside out

Price range: 320USD
Roxy’s recommended temperature range: 58°-68° F / 14,5‘-20‘C

Features and specs:

  • Chest-Zip full suit
  • Composition: 92% Nylon/Polyamide, 8% Elastane
  • Weight: 1.1 kg / 39 oz
  • F’n LITE neoprene made with air cell-rich limestone for lightweight warmth
  • Thermal Smoothie on chest and back panels retains heat and blocks wind
  • WarmFlight® Far Infrared x2 thermal lining on body mineral-enriched fibers retain body heat while our
  • Diamond Deluxe material maximizes stretch and traps air against the skin for added warmth
  • WarmFlight® thermal fleece lining keeps body heat in and water out on lower leg & arm panels
  • Hydrolock: Our thinnest, lightest and most flexible external seam seal
  • GBS (glued and blindstitched) seams for maximum flexibility and minimal water entry
  • F’n tape internal seal makes all seams watertight
  • Chest zip entry system with Waterblock semi-dry zip
  • PK® #8 metal zip
  • Flush Lock 2.0 stretch seals to prevent flushing through the wrist and ankles
  • Fused edges on neck, wrists, and ankles reduce profile to prevent flushing
  • Ecto-Flex knee pads, durable, lightweight & flexible to protect you & your board
  • Suitable for suggested water temperatures of 11°C 14°C / 51°F 58°F
roxy womens surf wetsuit size chart
Roxy Women’s Wetsuit Size Chart. Click to zoom


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5.) Billabong Furnace Carbon

billabong furnace womens surf wetsuit

Price range 350USD
Billabong’s recommended water temperature range: 58°-68° F / 14,5‘-20‘C 

Features and specs:

  • Type: Chest Zip full suit
  • Ultra-lightweight comp wetsuit
  • Lightweight and high stretch
  • 80% Furnace Carbon lining: carbon threads maximize warmth and minimize weight
  • A new Fluid quick dry pattern channels water dries fast and is ultra-flexible
  • Smart Foam: made from upcycled car tires, the foam is the most flexible, lightest, warmest foam with the highest thermal retention. Provides 300% stretch
  • Airlite Stretch: Flexible exterior jersey is made with an exclusive engineered perforated knit, made to stretch to 350% its usual resting state
  • The comp-dry chest entry system
  • Power seam liquid welded seams and twin needle stretch blind-stitch
  • Machine-applied pressure-bonded stretch tape
  • Anatomic strategic shaped seams with X-flex back panel flex zones
  • 3D contour paneling
  • Minimal seams for maximum flexibility

billabong womens size chart

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If you’d interested in how to take the best care of your wetsuit, read our Wetsuit Care Guide!

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