Benefits of Stand-up paddleboarding

Stand-up paddleboarding, just like any other recreational activity boasts a ton of positive side-effects. Staying active mentally or physically has a great impact on anyone’s well-being, and paddleboarding is definitely a no excetion.

We can approve on the fact that water sports are not for anyone, but if there’s a new, easy and fun way to get out on the water – it must be paddleboarding! Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of paddleboarding and how it affects our well-being in the long run.

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Mental benefits

  • Reduced stress

Fresh air and physical activity (especially out on the water) creates a sense of freedom. The human brain needs new environments to heal, and paddleboarding is one of the easiest ways out to combat stress-related issues. While it is normal to feel stressed, its up to anyone’s own hands to find the most suitable way to deal with it. A single 1-hour session can simply turn our bad luck and offer many good, long-lasting effects on our brains.


  • Improved mood

Staying active is the foundation of good health. In this case – going out for a session is a quick reward by completing a rather complex task. From idea phase to packing up and getting ready, it is a long road that requires planning and some kind of motivation. New environments and physical activity with a touch of extreme element leaves us with a boosted mood.


  • Reduced brain fog

With the never-ending flow of information an average adult has to process daily – it’s far too easy to get carried away and lose focus on what’s important. Getting out on the water – whether paddleboarding, kayaking or surfing – there’s no time nor occassion to get stuck behind the screen, but focus on the activity itself.

It’s totally fine to check your phone or capture some great memories out on the water, but the chances are that it is one of those few sports to keep you have to stay occupied to stay safe! Unneccesary clutter will be definitely cleared out.


  • Environmental awareness

The more we spend time outdoors – the more we start to appreciate it. Paddleboarding helps us to reach some pretty sweet natural locations – places where most folks could not reach. The health of our planet has been taken for granted for a long time. As everything big starts from small steps – paddleboarding is definitely one of those activities that teaches us to be humble and appreciate the environment around us.


  • Relaxation

Being surrounded by water and fresh air has a ton of calming effects. Paddle boarding is a low-resistance workout that does more good than harm to your body. To combine all benefits that a single session can produce – we are left with a calm, relaxing sensation.

Paddleboarding is peaceful, and the relaxed note is definitely one of the main benefits of stand up paddle boarding, the reason why people take up the sport on the first place.


  • Socialization

As paddleboarding is definitely not for everyone – meeting other paddleboarders is most likely greeted with a wide smile. Taking part of paddleboarding events will definitely get you some new like-minded acquaintances! As there’s roughly 13 types of paddleboards from fishing to yoga, chances to team up are endless!


  • Knowledge of water & appreciation for the nature

Being out on the water without a motor, but with a simple deck and a paddle makes us feel small. The water and ocean are a powerful, doesn’t matter which weather you pick to get out. Unlike climbing on mountains or hiking on nature trails – floating on the water helps us to see the world from an entirely different point of view.


  • Diversity

SUPing is like no other outdoor recreation out there. You can use the paddleboard to get out on any body of water you can imagine, and the activities are quite broad as well. Whitewater paddleboarding, surfing, yoga – there’s a lot to choose from from a seemingly basic deck.

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Physical Benefits

Healthy body = healthy mind

  • Calorie burn

Here’s the main reason why people look up the SUP benefits – the weight loss! Although paddleboarding as a sport is considered a low-resistance full-body workout, there’s a good exercise provided that one can’t find anywhere else. SUP health benefits have long been a secondary significance to the sport as it isn’t mainly taken up for the excercise only.

1-hour est. paddleboarding calorie burn

  • Leisure: 300-500calories
  • Surfing: 700 calories
  • Racing: 1000+ calories


  • Tones muscles

Paddleboarding offers a great full-body workout and increased stamina. From shoulders, back to core being the main muscle groups – it’s actually the whole body that gets a decent workout. Wrists, calves, neck and many other parts of the body get a workout like nothing else there – all thanks to staying stable on the board.


  • Low-intensity workout

Paddleboarding benefits by providing a healthy dose of workout that improves the overall well-being. As all of the muscles get worked up in a slow pace, the chanches to injuries are low.


  • Improved balance

Coordination is basics of paddleboarding which helps to build up the muscles that can’t be toned in any other way. From knees to the core, back and even the neck – there’s a decent workout in the making just by standing up and moving forwards. Balacing on a paddleboard requires to those inner muscles get a even workout which in the long run helps to stay stable for hours on end.


  • Improved cardiovascular health

The low-resistance workout from paddleboarding benefits the blood circulation and cardiovascular fitness to a great degree. Although you won’t be peaking in a way you’d while running, paddleboarding creates a solid foundation for any other sport out there.


  • Improved posture

Toned muscles and a steady overall work-out create a solid foundation for a healthy posture. Mainly thanks to the stabilization, inner core muscles.


  • D-vitamin

Spending time out on the sun or even during a slight overcast – there’s a high chance of getting a healthy dose of sunlight that’s beneficial to the body. There are many more minerals and vitamins in the water as well.

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Is stand-up paddleboarding good exercise?

Paddleboarding is a great workout to get a full body exercise. Toned muscles and improved cardiovascular fitness are improved in a healthy way!

Which SUP type is best for fitness purposes?

When you are after the best SUP benefits in terms of fitness – a racing or a touring board are the best for you. While racing boards require to best fast on a straight line, touring boards are larger and need a stronger pull.

What muscles does paddleboarding work?

Paddleboarding works mostly the shoulders, core and back. Wrists, legs, neck and knee muscles get a decent workout as well. Also the inner stabilizer muscles often go unnoticed which are the

How many calories do you burn paddle boarding?

Leisure: 300-500calories / Surfing: 700 calories / Racing: 1000+ calories

Is paddleboarding good for you?

Psychological benefits of paddle boarding are on pretty much on the same level as physical, therefore it is most likely good for you. If you are not scared of water or depths – it is one of the most accessible ways to get out on the war on the cheap!

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