Best Hybrid Surfboards

Hybrid surfboards are the corner-stone of every surfer’s quiver. The mixture of both worlds allows us to enjoy the widest variety of conditions, that’s why hybrid surfboards have been among the best-selling on the market or ages. Here’s why to get a hybrid surfboard: Great for various conditions Perfect one-for-all surfboard Different mixtures of types to …

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Rip Curl Wetsuit Reviews

Rip Curl is successful surf wear and gear brand, producing a variety of both high-end and value surf wetsuits for everyone out there. Check out their selection. Entry surf wetsuits Rip Curl Omega Mid-range Rip Curl Dawn Patrol High-end Rip Curl BOMB series

O’Neill Wetsuit Reviews

O’Neill is the oldest surf wetsuit brand out there still going strong. Here’s the selection. Entry-level Surf Wetsuits: O’Neill Reactor 2 O’Neill Epic Mid-range Surf Wetsuits O’Neill O’riginal High-end Surf Wetsuits O’Neill Hyperfreak O’Neill Psycho

Best Inflatable Kayaks

So, you’ve decided to get an inflatable kayak? Congratulation, as you are going to make a wise decision towards transportation convenience, innovation, and value! Down here you’ll find the most searched – therefore best inflatable kayaks based on reviews and ratings! Inflatable kayak = blow-up kayak   CONTENT Best Single Kayaks Best 2-person Kayaks Best …

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Best Long John / Short John Wetsuit

Long John, also known as the farmer john wetsuits are preferred due to their awesome mixture of warming and cool-down capabilities alike. Generally ranging from 3/2-2mm in thickness, there’s quite a variety to choose from by the most known surf brands. Long John Wetsuit = Sleeveless long-leg surf springsuit for men Short John wetsuits are …

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Surfing and Ears

Surfing is a sport that requires spending countless hours in a completely different element, we the humans, are used to. Our ears are not quite adapted to consistent ‘water-logging‘ as we spend 99.9%+ of the time on land. Sure, the awesome fact is that our bodies adapt to our lifestyles, but there are a few …

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