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surfboard motorcycle

Motorcycles in the surf culture

How on earth have these entirely different activities – motorcycling and surfing, become a big part of today’s surf culture? Take Deux Ex Machina for example – a popular surf counterculture brand that specializes in moto/surf/snow and bicycles. Every true surfer knows about Deux Ex Machina. There’s also the Wheels and Waves that’s held in …

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Types of Paddleboards SUP

What are the downsides to each SUP type?

Although paddleboards might look similar in their outlook, each of their type is designed for a specific purpose. In this overview – we are going to explain some of the downsides of each SUP type out there. Main SUP types All-around / Touring & Adventure / Yoga & Cruising / Fishing & Expedition / Race & Performance Multi-person / Tandem / Youth & Kids’ / Whitewater & River / Surfing / Kayak SUP / Electric …

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wreckdiving from paddleboard

How to prevent inflatable paddleboard from blowout?

The inflatable paddleboard, or actually any blow-up/air-filled platform has one major weakness that also happens to be its biggest advantage. Due to the fact that stand up paddleboards made of PVC plastic can fold into a large backpack, and inflated up to 10’6″ x 32″ x 6″ on average at 15PSI – they are always …

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beach cruiser bike

Here’s why you should and shouldn’t buy a cruiser bike

Among the 20 different types of bicycles out there, it’s the cruiser that is the most popular among surfers and paddleboarders. What’s there not to like about a bike that’s mainly built for comfort and ease of use? After all, that’s often what most cyclists are after in a bicycle – to commute freely and …

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history of paddleboarding

History of Paddleboarding

The history of stand-up paddleboarding is believed to have originated out of large watercraft used for fishing, transportation, and later for lifeguarding. In this review, we are going to divide the history of people paddling on large boards into two categories: Historic and Modern. Modern (20th century) Historic. (from 1000 B.C.) Roots of paddleboarding date …

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sup vs kayak vs canoe

SUP Paddleboard vs Kayak vs Canoe

These three seemingly similar recreations – kayaking, canoeing, and paddleboarding, share as much in common as they differ from one another. All of these vessels can be paddled on the waterline for leisure, fishing, touring, fitness, and many other purposes. These watercrafts each have their own unique set of features that make them perform differently. …

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