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Nulltuul is a smart way-point for Surf & SUP fans who’d like to learn more about the ins and outs of surfing & paddle boarding. Our goal is to provide direct and unbiased information for those who are after the best outcome from their search results – hence the reason we have stayed Ad-free and worked out a specific design for a fast and easy scroll.

We use our own experience combined with various online resources. In other words, we’ll get barreled deep when surfing the web for info.

When choosing products for comparison reviews, our aim is to provide a wide possibility of choices and prefer top-rated products. We also like to introduce new, especially niche-orientated brands into the mix. 

Anyway, we are all about the boards, and the water!

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Nulltuul meaning

What does the term ‘nulltuul‘ mean, anyway?

Null – zero
Tuul – wind

In translation from the Estonian language, nulltuul is a natural phenomenon where there’s total clarity in nature, which is also our favorite weather to surf those perfectly clean waves.

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So is our aim to give you clear and direct information




Member of marine conservation

Nulltuul donates 3% of its annual revenue to ocean & marine life conservations.
– In 2021, we donated to the Cousteau Society.



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