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Surfing is much more than just catching the waves – It’s about exploring everything that comes with it!



Surf Fitness – The best surfing workouts and stretches.
Surf Safety – Guide to staying safe in the surf.
Surfing Injuries – What are the most common accidents and injuries in surfing?
Surfing and Eyes – How to prevent the red sting?
Surfing and Ears – Swimmer’s ear prevention.
Best Surf Sunscreen – A must-read health article for all salt-water enthusiasts.

BLOG / Reviews

Surfing and Keys – Where to store your valuables when surfing?
Guide to Buying/Selling a Second-Hand Surfboard – A step-by-step guide.
Hobbies Related to Surfing – 15 hobbies to improve your surfing skills.
Indo Surf Charters 2021 – FAQ / 101 / Best surf charters in the area.
Best Beach Cruisers Bikes – A wide variety of bikes reviewed.


SURF 101

Surf Safety – Guide to staying safe in the surf.
Travel With a Surfboard – Pros, Cons, and ways to travel with the surfboard.
Improve Surfing Skills – How to catch more waves and become a better surfer.
Benefits of Surfing – Find out what you might have taken for granted.
Surfing Websites – Essential websites you have to know as a surfer!
Surf Forecast 101 – Know-how understanding the surf reports.
Different Types of Surfboards – Explained.
Surf Etiquette – A complete guide to surfing etiquette.
Surf Lingo – Explained the meaning behind the slang. A must-read to every surfer!
Surf Quotes – A collection of thoughts by the surfing masterminds.


Best-of surf wetsuits reviews with thickness & size charts included

surf wetsuits

Best Surf Wetsuits of 2021 – Best models included.

Best Women Surf Wetsuits:

SIZE Chart Guide – 7 best wetsuit brand size chart references.

Best Women’s SHORTY Wetsuits – All the different types/models reviewed. Best shorty spring suits for surfing!
Best Women’s 5/4 and 4/3 Steamers – All the Budget, Mid-Range, High-End models reviewed.
Women’s High-End 3/2 Springsuits – Most expensive women’s surf wetsuits reviewed.
Best Women’s 3/2 Springsuits – Best models out of Back and Chest Zip.
Best Women’s Surf Wetsuits – Best models available in 2021.
Zip Free Wetsuit for Women – 3/2mm, 4/3mm, 5/4mm high-end zipperless models reviewed.
O’Neill Women’s Wetsuits – A complete guide to all the O’Neill models.


Best Men’s Surf Wetsuits

SIZE Chart Guide – 7 Brand wetsuit size chart references.
Billabong Men’s Wetsuits – All the best surfing models available.
O’Neill Men’s Wetsuits – All the men’s surf wetsuit models by O’Neill reviewed: premium and budget.
Zipless Premium Wetsuits – 2/2 & 3/2 & 4/3 models reviewed.



SIZE Chart Guide – By 4 most popular surf brands. Imperial + Metric.
Best Youth’s Surfing Wetsuits – Best wetsuits for Boys and Girls in 2021.


Booties / Hoods / Gloves

Best Wetsuit Booties & Reef Boots – Check out how and what to look for, Best models reviewed with size and thickness charts included!



O’Neill REACTOR 2 – Entry-level surf wetsuit with plenty of models for Men, Women, Youth, and Toddlers’.
O’Neill EPIC – Another great entry-level surf wetsuit with all the possible types reviewed.
O’Neil O’RIGINAL – Mid-range wetsuit with all the models for Men and Women reviewed.
O’Neill HYPERFREAK – Insight to one of the most-favored mid-high end surf wetsuits. For Men / Women / Youth
O’Neill PSYCHO – The Best you could get. Psycho One, Psycho Tech, and Psycho Freak reviewed!
O’Neill Men’s Wetsuits



Rip Curl OMEGA – Check out this Rip Curl’s entry-level wetsuit. Plenty of different models available for the whole family!
Rip Curl DAWN PATROL – Great variety of good-quality suits under the $220 mark.
Rip Curl FLASBOMB / G-BOMB / E-BOMB Review – Best wetsuits Rip Curl has to offer. Check out the differences, best models, specs & features.



Quiksilver SYNCRO – Awesome entry-level wetsuit from one of the most popular brands out there.
Quiksilver HIGHLINE – A section of super high-quality performance wetsuit for men.



Billabong FURNACE – Absolute, Revolution, Revolution Pro, Comp, Ultra, Synergy, and Carbon specs & features!
Billabong Men’s Wetsuits – All the best models available.



Xcel Wetsuits – Complete wetsuit range overview.


Slide-Bar Surfboard Volume Calculator – How to calculate the surfboard volume by knowing the stock dimensions.
SUP Surfboards Guide – Best SUP surfboards reviewed.
Surfboard Size – Charts and examination of different boards for surfing.
Leashes, Fins, and Traction Pads 101 Guide – An overview of the most used surfboard accessories.

3 Best Beginner Surfboards 2021 – Best-selling boards for beginner surfers reviewed.
Best Beater Boards – All you need to know.
Best Fish Surfboards – Under $500.
New! Best Hybrid Surfboards – Of 2021.
New! Best Kids’ Surfboards.
Best Longboards – Under $600 selection + Buying Guide included.

Travel With a Surfboard – Different means of transportation.

nsp elements shortboard


Surfboard Bags and Covers – Find out which is the best cover-bag to suit your surfing habits.
Best Surfboard Racks – Racks for home, car, bicycle, and racks for a scooter.
Best Roof Racks for Surfboards – Which set-up to choose on your car plus best carriers reviewed for surfing.
Best Surfboard Bike Racks – A variety of racks for shortboards and longboards.
Surfboard Wax – Which wax to choose and how to wax your surfboard.
Surf Tide Watch 101 – Best models, history, and Q&A.
Best Surf Gadgets – Essential items, gift guide for surfers.
Thule SUP Taxi – The best premium stand-up paddleboard carrier for your car.



Best DSLR Housings – Best dive ports for Canon & Nikon. From 250USD.
Telesin GoPro Dome – Best budget GoPro dome port for 50/50 shots reviewed. Tips & tricks included.
Best GoPro Dome Ports – Three main brands and models reviewed.
Best Bodyboard Fins – Those are also ideal for surf photography!


BestISUPs under $400 – Variety of budget models reviewed.
Best Inflatable SUPs in 2021.
Best Inflatable Kayaks – The selection of great alternatives to rigid SUPs.
Best Inflatable Swim Platforms – A great way to spend time on the water when the surf is flat.
Best Kids’ Inflatable SUPs – Inflatable paddleboards for kids, from 7′
Best Inflatable Fishing SUPs – Great selection of sit-on-top paddle boards for fishing.

ROC Inflatable Paddle Board – One of the best-rated paddle boards in Amazon over time!


Best Multi Person Paddle Boards – L to XXL

41 Best Inflatable Paddleboard Brands

Bote SUPs Review


Best Bodyboard / Swim Fins – Of 2021


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