Surfing Extras

An essential item for a surfer – a longboard skateboard. Check out the article to get a brief overview of what’s out there to get online. Know why to choose a softer, longer and wider board over a short and stiff skateboard. Many popular choices reviewed.

Another essential extra every surfer should have. Beach cruiser bicycles reviewed with surfboard racks included. This article will give you more than a brief overview and suggestions when choosing a push-bike to suit your cycling needs. Single-speed, triple or five-speed bikes reviewed. Besides the slight warm up before the session, beach cruiser bicycles are also widely used to transport the surfboard.

All you need to know when thinking of starting with surf or water photography. Most used cameras and casings reviewed. Today, the price range of the housing has dropped to an affordable range, so take your chance and get into water-photography. It´s an increasing trend, and an awesome way to store memories.

Changing towels, surfing sunglasses, wetsuit care and much more. Perfect article for those looking for a present to a surf buddy. Accessories reviewed in this article are designed for a specific reason – to maximize your experience on the water to make the most of the coolest sport out there.

An essential element every surfer should be aware of. Best sunscreens reviewed. Skin – our largest organ must be protected at all times. Today, people are also turning attention to water pollution using chemically rich sunscreens all over the world. Check out why to use certain brands and indigents to not only protect your skin – but the ocean and reefs as well!

We will be updating the technical surfing accessories anytime more frequently, so make sure to check back every now and then!