As Stand Up Paddleboards’s have gathered popularity over the recent decade – we’ve made an overlooking article about SUP surfing. At Nulltuul we focus on surfing the waves only, and the stand-up paddleboard has clearly become a part of it!

Why Surf with a SUP after all?

A Stand Up Paddleboard is a great way to surf for individuals who like to be on the board standing – rather than lying and paddling on their stomach. SUP surfing is also a relaxed way of catching small waves on a slow or small day plus you can ride the board on completely flat days, or at any other water body. Lakes, rivers, ponds and so on. Very universal watercraft! SUP is also a great full body workout for. Some individuals prefer the stand-up position due to a previous injury, where laying on one’s stomach may be difficult. And not to forget the most important part – It’s fun like no other sport out there!


  • Right type of PaddleBoard
  • A Paddle
  • Balance
  • Coil-style Leash

What size SUP should I choose?

Best SUP board for surfing is usually between  8-11 feet in length and 30 inches wide.

Compared to the standard waveriding surfboards, where a volume plays a huge role, in SUP surfing you don’t really need to worry about that since you will not be duck diving under the waves.

Types of SUP’s for Surfing

SUP’s are the largest watercraft you could have for wave surfing, so the two main options are the Solid or Inflatable types. If you own a big car, live near the ocean and have a good amount of storage on your garage – a solid SUP surfboard might be for you.
If any of the previous did not get called you – don’t worry, there is a solution for you as well. The inflatable SUP’s are durable than ever before, so don’t drop the idea of choosing the inflatable one. Matter of fact – Inflatable SUPS can be packed into a big storage back that they usually come with. The pressure of air an inflatable should have is around 20PSI.

Which type of SUP is meant for Surfing?

There are many types of SUPs: For Example, A SUP for Yoga, Touring, Fitness, Racing or a Whitewater SUP.  The best SUP for surfing has a round design around the nose and on the bottom curvature. Surf SUP’s are small to medium in height compared to other SUP’s.

FINS for SUP Surfing

  • Single fin – good for flat water. A large fin, but with a Minimal Drag
  • 3 – fin Thruster set-up: Good control when turning in the surf. Mostly the fins are the same size.
  • 2+1 fin set-up – One large fin in the middle and two small ones on the side. Another set-up for surfing.

Inflatable Stand up paddleboard usually have flexible rubber fins that can be attached on the board.

PADDLES for SUP Surfing

Must have a tear-drop shaped blade. The correct length paddle is as long as your up-reached hand from the ground. The lighter the paddle, the more you generally have to pay as well. Adjustable or Fixed length? Due to the lack of mechanisms, a fixed paddle tends to be more durable than the adjustable one, but an adjustable paddle is more versatile.
Large Paddle (120sq inch) is better for surfing, which allows you to make a few powerful strokes.
It would be great if the offset degree would be 7”. Read More About How To Choose The SUP Paddle 

Leash for Stand Up Paddleboarding

Sold separately, helps to keep the board close-by if you fall off. I would recommend a coil-style leash over a straight one that would create less drag than the straight leash.

SUP Transportation

Purchasing the board is one thing, but taking it out to the beach is another task. Not all of us surf enthusiats live right by the sea – but insted need to plan SUP surfing further out. No problem whatsoever – since once you are commited to take Stand Up Paddleboarding as your true hobby, you’ll most likely need roof racks or a large car to transport this lengthy watercraft safely and efficently.

Anway, If you walk into any specialized store that selles transportation goods, I’m sure there will be the Thule brand represented. Long story short – if you are looking for the best way to transport your beloved SUP on your car – we recommend choosing Thule SUP Taxi and look no further.

Thule specializes in transportation, and has done it by ranking on the top on their league for nearly 80 years.

Check out the THULE SUP TAXI 810 XT on AMAZON


Selection Of Stand Up Paddleboard SUP Surfboards by KM HAWAII

SUP surf boards review

1. Cruiser

sup surfboard km hawaii

  • Ergo Carry Handle
  • Fin Set-Up 2+1
  • Planing Hull
  • Center 10″ + Dual Future Fin Box
  • Epoxy, Composite Fiberglass Construction – The Epoxy Fiberglass construction uses lightweight and durable epoxy foam as the core and layered fiberglass and resin. 
  • Max Capacity 280 lbs
  • Board Weight: 25 pounds

Conclusions: Great for both flat water and surfing small waves.

Read more about the Cruiser from

2. Malibu

Ergo Carry Handle

4+1 Fin Set-Up

Construction: Epoxy Fiberglass – The Epoxy Fiberglass construction uses lightweight and durable epoxy foam as the core and layered fiberglass and resin.

Dimensions: 8’2″, 9’2″, 10’2″

Fin setup: 4 + 1

Deck plug setup: Front

Max Capacity: 230 lbs

Conclusions: Taper and rounded pin tail for smooth rail to rail riding. A fun shape board that will help you progress while kickin’ it back on the small days.

Read more about the Malibu from 4theoutdoors.com3

3. X-Board

Ergo carry handle

4 Futures + 1 US fin box set up

Go-Pro Mount

Construction: Epoxy Foam, Fiberglass

Dimensions: 6’3″ to 9’6″

Fin setup: 4 + 1

Max Capacity: 210 lbs

Conclusions: The most surfboard-alike board on the selection. This design has been created and tested in Hawaii in different conditions of waves.

Check out the X-Board online

4. All-Around Cruiser

Construction: Epoxy Fiberglass

Board Weight: 25 pounds

Dimensions: 10’6″ x 30″, 11′ x 31″, 11’6 x 32″

Fin setup: 2 + 1

Deck plug setup: Front

Max Capacity: 280 lbs

Longboard style sup for catching even the smallest waves out there. Great surf SUP!

Check out the All Around Cruiser online

5. Bamboo Cruiser

In the water, the Cruiser’s double concave bottom maximizes surfing performance and gives it a true longboard feel. To ensure you never forget that perfect wave or sunrise paddle, the Cruiser features flush FCS mount plug so you can mount your GoPro right on the nose and create your own memories.

  • Diamond cut multi-color trackpad with foot arch and kick on the tail section
  • Ergo carry handle
  • Fins Included, Set-Up 2+1
  • Construction: Bamboo Tech

Check out the Bamboo Cruiser on

6. Malibu Surfing

The Malibu series surf SUP’s are the ticket for riding small to medium size waves. The width helps you enjoy more of your surf session by keeping you on your board and letting you focus on paddling to get into waves early.

– Ergo carry handle

– 4 + 1 fin set up

Available in 8’2, 9’2, 10’2, Orange or Green

About Construction:

The Epoxy Fiberglass construction uses lightweight and durable epoxy foam as the core and layered fiberglass and resin.

Check out the Malibu Board online

Inflatable Stand-Up Paddleboards


Napali II Fusion
Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard


Length: 12’6
Width: 30’5″
Thickness 6″
Volume 336L
Weight 24.5lbs / 11 kg
Max Rider Weight 340 lbs / 155 kg

Comes with

A backpack travel backpack with wheels, universal fin box, fin, electric pump, and two-stage hand pump.

Check out the Napali II Fusion on Kialoa website

Vapor 10-6 Isup

Available in 10’6 / 11’6

Fun and versatile square-tailed inflatable SUP by Obrien. Comes with a three fin set-up, roller case. No paddle or pump included! Perfect for someone who is just after a very universal SUP board that allows you to catch the waves and go do a bit of touring as well.

As this deal features only the board, you could get the two-stage pump or an electric one from Marine Products webpage.

Folks who are not as familiar with O’Brien – I strongly recommend checking out their range of products. O’Brien has been making water-sport related products for over fifty years by now!

Read more about the O’Brien Inflatable SUP 

Limited Edition Thrive SUP Board

  • 10″3′
  • 246L
  • Removable, interchangeable fins
  • Double sidewall heavy-duty PVC drop-stitch  construction
  • Four stainless D-rings on the nose
  • D-ring on the tail for attaching a leash
  • Includes a high-pressure pump for easy inflation, a pressure gauge, carry bag and repair kit
  • 3-year retail, 1-year commercial warranty

Check out the NRS SUP 

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