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The anatomy of surfing

  • SURFBOARDS GUIDE – Ultimate guide to choosing a surfboard. A shortboard, fish, hybrid, longboard explained and reviewed. Which type of board is best suited for certain types of waves and skill levels? A good five minute read covering the most known basics about surfboards.
    – What is the best surfboard for a beginner surfer?
    – How long surfboard to choose?
    – What is the difference between the fiberglass and epoxy surfboards?
    – Surf safety tips included.
  • SURFBOARD SIZE GUIDE – A brief overview of choosing a suitable surfboard to your bodily dimensions. A well-picked surfboard makes a ton of difference in performance, so this guide will help you to choose smartly!
  • SURFBOARD VOLUME CHART – How to calculate the liters with just the known dimensions? First: Calculate the board dimensions from imperial to metrical, multiply the L x W x H and get roughly 58% out of the result. Easy as ABC!
  • SUP SURFBOARDS – A guide to SUP surfing. Boards and paddles reviewed. Do you need a telescopic paddle and an inflatable SUP? How to tell a difference between a regular SUP and a SUP that’s designed for surfing? Find out more inside!

  • LEASHES, FINS, TRACTION PADS – The most common accessories reviewed. If not sure which leash, fins or traction pads to choose, peek inside. A three fin set-up, competition leash or a mid-traction pad? Everything you need to know reviewed right here.

From ancient wooden Hawaiian surfboards into today’s performance fiberglass and epoxy surfboards.
We have covered the most basic knowledge you need to know.

Fortunately, we live in an era – where ordering a surfboard from an online surf shop is made super easy. Our goal at is to give you the proper knowledge before ordering anything online.

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