Benefits of Surfing

23 Reasons To Surf

Our daily habits form who we are today.

Surfers are known to be youthful and fun with a laid-back and successful attitude towards life.

In this article, I will be revealing both the physical and mental benefits that come with surfing.

Physical Health Benefits Of Surfing

Healthy body = healthy mind

1. Fitness

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One of the most important benefits of surfing is the intense physical workout. A surfer is constantly paddling on a surfboard to move along the water. Paddling activates shoulder, neck, back and core muscles to a high degree, plus the legs get a fair amount of activity as well. Muscle strength and tonality guaranteed.

2. Lung capacity

Due to the submerging duck-dives and cardiovascular fitness – surfers lungs get a decent exercise which improves lung capacity.

3. Balance

As easy it may seem to a spectator, learning the balance of surfing might be the toughest thing to learn even for a talented sportsperson. It is a “touch” that can not be learned in theory or doing other similar extreme sports. Compared to snow- or skateboarding, where the boardrider is using the board to move on solid ground – A surfer has to paddle in the water to generate the speed for the board to float, then has to stand up on it on a vertical dropping wave and finally surf the breaking wave. Well, long story short – surfing consists of numerous processes that teach our body to constantly balance. A skill to be mastered! Even laying on the board your body is always leveling – which gives a great work-out for your core, back, neck, and inner stabilization muscles.

4. Coordination

As the control center or the headquarters of our coordination lies in our inner-ears, surfing is another great way of “teaching” our bodies and brains to coordinate in new environments. Every surf session is a favorable act since we are coping with a new environment and creating new experiences for our bodies and brains. Not to forget the fact that surfing is a rather gnarly environment to teach our inner ears to adjust!

Read more about the inner ear and balance adjustment.

5. Endurance

Surfing sessions average between 30 minutes to 3 hours. Surf session is a time for the surfer to shut off daily problems and live in the moment. So, paddling, duck diving and surfing for hours is a great endurance work out for the whole body and mind. Also, greater stamina means that as you grow stronger you don’t feel the fatigue as much on mental and physical activities.

6. Temperature tolerance

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Bathing in the water for hours is also a great boost to our bodies to cope with ranging temperatures. Average human body temperature is around 36.5 – 37.5 Celsius / 97.7 – 99.5 Fahrenheit. Soaking in colder temperatures surely rises our comfort levels and boosts our immune system.

7. Refreshing and relaxing

Surfing and any other water sport is probably physically the most refreshing sport in the game. What could be better than bathing in the ocean, laying on your board and watching awesome forces of nature? The surf is either on or off, so usually, there’s a great mixture of relaxing or paddling hard to hit the waves.

8. You become a strong swimmer

Constant paddling through the waves makes surfers strong swimmers. There’s plenty of cardio training done when going for a surf session. Although surfing is considered to be a low-resistance physical activity – swimming is said to be one of the best activities for people with previous injuries since the whole body is working out without much direct resistance.

9. Improved posture

All the exercises surfing combines will give your body a great physical boost and improved posture. Since surfing is similar to swimming – broad shoulders and a rock-hard upper body come as a bonus.

10. Vitamins and minerals

Sun – Hence the fact that surfing involves being in the water and under the open skies – It has some crucial upsides on the means of vitamin D. In moderate consumptions, D – Vitamin is essential organic molecule taking care of strong bones as it regulates the amount of calcium and phosphorus in the blood. Vitamin D also helps to regulate the growth of skin cells. But, everything is good in moderation, so remember to protect yourself wearing sunscreen!

Water – Sea salt is packed with healthy skin-friendly minerals like magnesium, calcium, and potassium. Read more about the list of health benefits the salty ocean water from Stylecaster.

Mental Health Benefits Of Surfing

Any physical exercise is crucial for well being. A strong body is the foundation of a healthy mind. Surfing is probably one of the most rewarding sports due to the factors that can be challenging, relaxing and fun all at the same time.

11. Stress relief

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Being outside in the fresh air in natural environments is the best remedy for stress in my opinion. There are of course lots of other ways like diets, philosophies and more, but let’s be honest – getting out there and doing it clears your mind and body with instant results. A sense of self-awareness. Crashing waves, refreshing water, and unpredictable environments give our minds a great sparky boost. We feel alive at the moment.

Working out in any form is the best medicine against depression.

12. Clear mind

Physical exercise works as a perfect off-set for stress which resets the mind. There’s no better remedy for clear-mindedness than the clarity after a great workout. Water is also known to have purifying quantities throughout history.

13. Knowledge of the water

A competent surfer knows how to act around the ocean and spot dangers in public beaches. A surfer is also most likely to involve in a situation which might need someone to help and give proper advice for the young or water-distant people. Not only surfing teaches us how to surf, but also how to read the weather forecast – the wind, temperature, currents and much more.

14. Fun

What’s there not to like when you are sliding in the water and riding the waves?

15. Mentally accomplishment

The whole process of surfing makes us thankful and happy inside. Happiness, therefore, leaves us fulfilled.

16. Improved Sleep Quality

Plenty of fresh air and the quality time in the water clear our mental and physical bodies. It’s a perfect recipe for good night sleep. Good quality sleep is a crucial factor in maintaining our health.

17. Enhanced Performance On Everyday Tasks

Surfing requires a fair amount of dedication. A true type of surfer is a committed folk who likes to get things done. Motivation is what keeps us performing well, and a good surf is always something to wait for. When the surf is up – Surfers are willingly motivated to wake up 5 am for a dawn patrol, or finishing their duties super quick to go surfing. You will hardly see a lazy surfer.

18. Knowledge Of The Environment

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There’s nothing out there like surfing. Since the quality of waves is dependant on numerous natural elements working in harmony to generate good quality surf, a true surfer has to be a part-time meteorologist to get the most of what’s out there. An average surfer also tends to travel further out from their home surf-breaks. Traveling broadens the mind!

19. Keeps You Young

Having fun keeps everyone young inside out. Physical wellness extracts into mental wellness as well. Well well well. People are searching everywhere to find the fountain of youth, and surfing is one of them.

20. Friends

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You will most likely find a bunch of like-minded people to share a good collection of memories. Surfing is nothing like any sport out there. Due to uncertain occasions and a long way to “get out there” seems to attract dedicated individuals. Having a cool set of like-minded friends makes us feel more relaxed and confident in life.

21. Alternative lifestyle

Surfing is a cult that has involved throughout history. There was a time where an average surfer was portrayed as a mildly alternative person, with an excessive need for freedom. Surfers also tend to travel quite a bit to chase the swells, and travelers are known for their way of an alternative lifestyle.

22. Attitude

Surfing teaches a lot. An average surfer is known for their cool, calm, preserved, fun-loving and rather committed exterior. Surfers are probably the most “two-feet on the ground” laid back persons out there. It might come from the fact that surfers know that they are playing by the rules of nature which makes us feel small and respectful towards the mother earth.

23. Adjustment Skills

Surfing teaches how to cope with an unfamiliar or unexpected environment. Whether the sets and wave sizes increase in size or the wipe-out lasts longer than we are comfortable. In the surf, there’s no other way than to go through the situation. Adjusting the situation and having fun with it. Life is always throwing something in our ways and we have to adjust our actions around it. I think that you learn a new way of thinking with every sport and surfing carries a ton of positive traits!

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