Surf Related Articles

Here’ll you find a section of the most searched surf-related articles to find the best possible deals and information online.

  • Benefits Of Surfing – What are the most beneficial sides of surfing beside the intense work-out. Mental and Physical upsides listed. A must-read article for every surfer out there.


  • Travel With A Surfboard – Pro’s and con’s when traveling with a surfboard. Different ways of surfboard transportation reviewed. By plane, by car, by bicycle or simply just by foot – find out the different ways to travel with a surfboard!


  • Surfboard Size Guide – How to properly choose a surfboard to your needs? Width, length, and thickness are the key factors that distinguish different types of surfboards. Find out more to find the most suitable literate board to suit your body measures.


  • Surf Safety – Staying safe in the surf. How to act in various situations surfers are exposed. What are the main keys to surf safety? Being mentally calm and physically relaxed are the key elements for safe surfing. Sanding down the fins and using a nose-plug are the alternative ways of staying safe around others.


  • Surf Websites – Sneek-peek to the world of surfing through the most mainstream surfing websites. Different brands, forecasts and much more you should know of.


  • Surfing Terms – Know the meaning behind the most used surf terms. Surfing culture has a wide variety of speech that has formed over time. Surfers are already known to be a rather alternative bunch – so make sure to read this article to get a clear idea.


  • Surf Quotes – A collection of surf terms by surf masterminds and professional athletes. Being out there in the element and conquering our fear leads to many great ideas that explain the difficult nature in simple words. Another must read surf article. 




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