Thule SUP Taxi Review

Best way to transport SUP on car

About the Brand


Founded in 1942, Sweden
Motto: “Bring Your Life”

Bring your board
Bring your bike
Bring your skis
Bring your gear
Bring your kids
Bring your love
Bring your dreams
Bring your passion
Bring your life. 

Long story short, Thule has been on the top of the game producing transportation accessories for ages.

Thule Roof Racks

The brand Thule is widely known by its top of the range of innovative transportation solutions. Roof racks, bike racks, ski boxes you name it. Every true outdoors person knows or has come across Thule, there is no other way around it.

To use the Thule SUP Taxi – you will be needing the roof racks at first. No worries if your car has no integrated roof racks, most cars can be fitted with roof racks. I will personally recommend Thule roof racks.

If your car has no roof racks: check out the Thule fit guide. Simply enter your car details and go from there. Roof racks are extremely versatile accessories to your car.

Will Thule SUP TAXI fit my car’s roof racks?

Most likely yes. Thule SUP Taxi can be used on most of the roof racks. Squarebar or Wingbar – you name it.

Note: When carrying another two to three feet on top of your car – make sure you get used to the extra height. Some parking lots and entrances have height limitations. Thule paddleboard rack installations will be easy squeezy.

Thule Vs Yakima

Why prefer Thule over one of their main competitors, Yakima? Well, Thule has been in the leading position from outdoor transportation accessories from the beginning, 1942. Yakima makes alternative solutions to Thule product ranges, at a more affordable price. Thule to me, personally – is extremely durable, looks unique, and has lots of other accessories to be brand loyal for.

The Thule SUP Paddleboard rack for the car is the best solution you can go for!

How To Transport A Stand Up Paddleboard?

There are only a few convenient ways to transport this heavy watercraft. If you are fortunate enough to live right by the sea or any body of water – tucking the board under your shoulder will do just fine, but most of us have to think of an alternative way. In most cases carrying the board by car.

Alternatives to carrying a standup paddleboard are getting an inflatable SUP or using the SUP bicycle carrier.

SUP must be fastened correctly, regarding the owners manual. The first thing to overlook is the solidity of your car roof racks. Once the racks are fine, install the sup. Video description can be found down below.

How to Install the Thule SUP Surfboard Taxi?

All Thule products come in extremely easy-to-follow picture guides and mostly assembled. Most of the Thule range is “tool-free”, which means you do not actually need a tool for assembly – and if you do need, it’s always included.

Watch the demonstration video HERE

Security and locking

Thule SUP Taxi can be locked, so you don’t have to worry about someone stealing your piece of fun. The straps that hold the board might have a strengthen wire inside the strap against cutting it through.

What’s in the box?

A Thule SUP Taxi comes with two SUP carrying platforms. No need to install anything, besides attaching them to the roof. Thule SUP Taxi already comes with integrated staps – so you won’t need to shop for extra.

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