Best Surfboard Cover Bags

“Why to take extra care of your surfboard”
– said no surfer ever.

Best Surfboard Boardbags

Surfboards are fragile to all kinds of environments. Yes, they look strong and stand tall, but a minor bump can make a ding through the surface that will let the water run inside the surfboard.

Reasons to get your board covered?

  • Helps to prevent the dings
  • Easy transportation
  • UV Shade
  • Convenient storage when adding all the gear in one bag
  • That’s the best you can do to take care of your surfboard

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There are many types of surfboard covers to choose from, that will protect your board or boards from the damaging factors. Whether it is just a simple cover from the damaging UV rays or a solid carry-bag that will also protect from the dings – It’s never a bad idea to take extra caution!

1. Surfboard Sock Cover

Surfboard sock cover is the minimum you can do – to protect your board. But sometimes that minimum is enough. The surfboard sock is a simple slip-on cover to your board. Usually, made out of stretchy polyester, the surfboard sock is a great way to protect the board against the direct UV rays or surface scratches. It’s best to use the sock when you are going to the beach or chuck the surfboard in the back seat of your car. It also helps the wax to stay in place and the polyester materials allow the board to vent – so that the wax wouldn’t melt on the inside of the bag. It also works as the surfboard towel, that you could simply hang up on the line after the surf.

Great for storage: Once you get to the beach with the surfboard sock, you can simply add all your belongings in the bag and hope for the best – that the seagulls or someone’s dog won’t grab or take a dump on it.

FCS Stretch All Purpose Surfboard Sock Cover

FCS Stretchy Surfboard Sock Cover on AMAZON


Available in size: 5’6″ / 5’9″ / 6’0″ / 6’3″ / 6’7″ &
black, charcoal and teal color


Thick Weave material that protects against the surface scratches. Enforced 600D Polyester nose protection. A pocket for the wax, sunscreen or wallet. A pull-in clip-style clamp. All you could ask from a proper surfboard sock.


Day Board Bags is a great way to store your board in short to long travels. These kind of bags are more individualistic compared to the sock or the travel-bags. It’s a great and fool-proof way to make sure your board is protected from the sun and the small bumps. It’s also convenient to handle boards since they have all the goodies and extras.


Whether you need a top-zip, side-zip, a center-fin hole

A Great Day Board bag should have:

  • Carrying handle
  • Shoulder strap
  • Zipper
  • External/Internal pocket for fins, fin key, wax or sunscreen
  • Hook nylon at the nose part to hang the bag for drying
  • Tough material all around

Gold Coast Surfboard Cover Bag 

Gold Coast Surfboard Cover Bag on AMAZON

Classical lightweight board bag that’s got a UV resistant cover and all the extras you could ask from a board bag. Plain and simple choice.


Available in sizes: 5ft / 6ft / 8ft / 10ft


This bag consists of a comfortable carrying handle, shoulder strap with a cushion, made out of the heat and water resistant Tarpaulin Material.  1/5” Foam protective layer for an extra cushion between the board and the bag, durable and sand-resistant zipper. The larger board bags from 8′ also have the center fin slot.

Pro-Lite Resession Day Bag

Pro-Lite Resession Shortboard Day Bag on AMAZON


Available in Sizes 5’10” / 6’0″ / 6’3″ / 6’6″ / 6’10”


  • Semi-reflective heat resistant PE shell on top and bottom.
    Bottom zip flip top for ease in sliding your surfboard in and out of the bag.
  • Padded shoulder strap with the velcro closure system.
  • External wax/key pocket.
  • 3mm foam protection between the sheets
  • Molded non-corrosive zipper
  • Reinforced nose and rail guard around the zipper

Dakine Daylight Surf Thruster


Dakine is the name in the game. Dakine surf bags are known to every surfer out there. Here is the most-used model throughout their history.

It features everything you could ever ask for:

  • Heat and water resistant cover made out of tarpaulin
  • A design that fits most shortboards, fish, mal, and funboards
  • Soft padding inside
  • Heavy duty 10″ zipper
  • Wax and fin pocket inside
  • Colors: Grey/Stencil Palm

Available in: 5’4 / 5’8 / 6 / 6’3 / 6’6′

Check it out on the mighty AMAZON


Multiple-surfboard travel bags are great for globetrotters or families who are going surfing with the whole bunch. Yeeyy! Exotic few weeks to month long trips, a universal travel bag for multiple boards comes handy on all sorts of occasions.

There are two main types of extra large surfboard travel bags, with or without the wheels.

Wheeled Surfboard Bag?

A Wheeled surfboard bag will ease your convenience when carrying multiple boards and extra weight on good roads. Not advisable if you have to travel over the mountains in the long distance. Unless you have a surfboard sherpa with you!

Shoulder Strap Surfboard Bag?

The shoulder strap design element on surfboard cover bags is mainly used on day bags but can be found on multiple travel bags as well. Those multiple surfboard travel cover bags are great when carrying only the surfboards on short distance or difficult terrains. Those bags generally don’t allow to add extra storage or weight due to the strap load capacity.

Pro-Lite Coffin

Check out this Pro-Lite bag on AMAZON

A great choice for a surfer with 2-3 boards and don’t need the wheels. Pro-Lite Coffin is a kick-ass and durable bag used by many surfers who take no exceptions on quality!


Available in sizes 6’6″ / 7’0″ / 7’6″

Cut 25″ wide with a 5″ gusset to allow for extra internal volume. 10mm foam protection.


  • Includes internal divider straps, four exterior compression straps and 600-Denier poly on top and bottom.
  • Identification Badge.
  • Many external and internal pockets to store the fins, keys, waxes, sunscreen.
  • Multiple interior storage/fin pockets.
  • Vent to allow air flow to keep boards cool.
  • Adjustable deluxe shoulder strap with Velcro closure system.
  • Exterior side pocket for tie downs/ molded rubber handles on ends and side.
  • Heaps of room inside for wetsuits, towels, clothes, shoes, and whatnot else.
  • An adjustable padded shoulder strap and molded rubber handles allow this bag to be carried through the airport with ease.

Check out the triple/quad bag as well on AMAZON

The Triple Shortboard Travel Bag

Triple Shortboard Travel Bag on AMAZON

An awesome choice for the demanding traveler. A convenient way to travel the boards and gear via taxi-airport-taxi-paradise location bungalow.


Available in size 6’6″ / 7’0″ / 7’6″ 22.5′ wide” 7″ thick


10mm thick padding, 600D Nylon, Interior pockets, board dividers. Ideal for the globetrotter surfers. Suitable carrying by the plane, boat, car roof racks. Easy to travel as well due to the wheels underneath the bag. External tensions wrap for a compact fit.


  • STUFF THE INSIDE – You can stuff the surfboard bag with other soft belongings when traveling. This helps to protect the nose, tail, and rails of the surfboard. In cold temperatures, a wetsuit fits well in the bag with a surfboard. After all – you have to rinse out the board and the wetsuit after the session anyway.
  • OUTSIDE THE SUN – Convenience Tip – Don’t leave your board bag out in the sun. Sun drastically raises the temperature inside the board bag which will result in the wax to melt inside the bag and harden up later. This results in a pain in the backside to get rid of all the wax inside the bag. Leaving your board out in the sun without the cover is bad as well since it allows the UV rays to bite in the fiberglass/epoxy resin and weaken the surface.  This makes the board go yellow! Yak!

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