Best Surf Watches for 2019

Waterproof and Tidal Surf Watches

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$$ 101 – 200 USD
$$$ 201 – 300 USD
$$$$ 301 – 400 USD

What is a Surf Watch? A surf watch is a tool that helps to navigate your surfing stats. Depending on the model, a surf watch can be equipped with sunrise/sunset times, water temperature, wind speed, swell movements, wave counter, etc – It is up to you to choose which of those features are you are in a need for.
Also, a surf watch is designed mainly with a comfortable and durable rubber band. There are some surf watches with a metal bands as well but seems logical that rubber and skin go together in a high-intensity activity like surfing.



You will find Nixon waterproof surf watches in every surf, snow, and skate related stores. Why? Because they are the coolest watches that people who are into cool sports all over the world all like in common. They are not only good and original looking but also built with super good quality. Thumbs up to the Nixon team here. Best board-rider style watches with plenty of functions is what the Nixon surf watches are thriving too.

Why prefer Nixon surf watches? Nixon specializes in making the surf/skate/snow accessories only, and have taken the lead position on the watches game in boardsports. Nixon waterproof surf watch is a must-have accessory for any surfer out there.

Surf & Tide MODELS:

  • Base Tide – 38mm – 100usd – 13 colors
  • Regulus – 46mm – 150usd – 5 colors
  • Base Tide Pro – 42mm – 120usd – 7 colors
  • Base Tide Nylon – 38mm –  100usd – 3 colors
  • Comp – 38mm – 70usd – 4 colors
  • Ascender Sport – 42 mm – 230usd – 2 colors
  • Comp S – 31mm – 70usd – 3 colors
  • Unit – 44mm – 130usd – 44mm
  • Ascender – 42mm – 230usd – 3 colors
  • 51-30 – 51mm – 430usd – 3 colors
  • Ultratide – 45mm – 280usd – 1 color
  • Descender Sport – 45mm – 350usd – 1 color

Check out the Nixon Surf Watches for men and women down below


Price Range $
WATERPROOF 100 meters
Features: As the name says – it tells you the time only.

Have to like the simplicity of the Time Teller watches. Quite bold but leave a statement. It does best what it is designed and named after – Telling the time. So whoever is going to ask you the time – they are not only going to know the time but will be amused by the simple yet cool design those watches have. The Time Teller is all about simplicity – just like surfing, skating, and snowboarding. Even if you are the type of person who has a hard time choosing “the” watch to suit every dresscode and occasion, Nixon Time Teller is a watch to with everything.

PS: A ton of color variations to choose from!

See this product on AMAZON

Nixon “RUCKUS”

Price Range $
Waterproof 100 meters
Features: Analog watch, cool and rugged retro waterproof design

This is another futuristic/vintage mixture style surf watch. It is waterproof, has a bitchin’ design and awesome color-schemes to choose from. There are two types of people – the ones who love digital, and others who prefer analog watches. Well, I like analog watches when surfing. I don’t want to get distracted by any electronics, and that’s why it is good to go surfing with an analog watch. No phone, no computer, no numbers, no screens – no nothing. Away from it all. The Ruckus looks loud and proud. 

It features a polycarbonate case, raised bezel protects the hardened mineral crystal face from scratches or any other damage during surfing or partying.

See this product and various color-schemes on AMAZON

Nixon “UNIT”

Price Range: $
Waterproof: 100 meters
Features: +/- display, 12/24h time, calendar, temperature gauge, timer, alarm, backlight

Well, this little multi-tool has all you need. It is part of the “Cosmos Collection” which means it’s got the dynamic colors and unique treatments of materials that show off a rainbow of progressive design on mirror finishes, hologram crystals, and leathers. Custom injection molded polycarbonate case with fixed polycarbonate bezel. Comes with custom injection molded polycarbonate dial ring. Hardened mineral crystal screen. Wow, It’s all engineered well enough to land under a three-digit mark. If this model here won’t satisfy your needs, but all the other features do – go check out about ten other color-schemes available from the link below.

It is great due to its rugged design, comfortable band, and multifunctional features. A perfect surf watch by Nixon.

See this model and different color-schemes on AMAZON

Nixon “LODOWN”

Price Range $
WATERPROOF 100 meters
Features: Day, time and month, light, tide, dual time, alarm, countdown timer, wave counter, and chronograph

LoDown seems to visually keep the Low profile Down the radar while functioning well over the norm. It’s price hits also below the hundred-dollar line. Many features, various color-schemes and the high-quality standards by Nixon make this a desirable surf watch for many. It’s got a more square and elegant design compared to the previous rugged, loud and proud Nixon Watches. Make sure you check out the seller’s reviews before ordering this watch – as many customers claim that the watch arrived with an empty battery. I have a thing for camo-styled designed items, so this watch will most definitely be written on my Christmas wish-list. So Santa, whenever you are reading this and considering to get me this, here’s a good hint: Can’t go wrong with Nixon when choosing a surf watch.

See this product and different color-schemes on AMAZON


PRICE Range $$$
Waterproof 100 meters
Bluetooth, Time, Tide, Wave Height, Swell Direction, Wind Direction, and Speed. Water and air temperatures. Geolocating, Sky Condition

By looking at the specs this watch has got, looks like there’s nothing else to ask for. Once you get this watch – make sure you have time to surf as well, cause you might just get carried away by looking at the nice screen this watch has. But I get it, sometimes when the sets get low and there’s nobody around you to chat with, It’s good to plan the next few days of the surf while waiting for the next good set to roll by.

How can you check the forecast for the next days? Well, this Nixon Ultraride is connected with Surfline network, where you can use GeoLocate to check out the breaks near you. It will show you all the information on a big and clear screen in imperial and metric values. It’s not only the inside, that makes this watch one of the top range surf watches out there, but also the core. It’s got a custom solid stainless steel case core with co-molded custom injection molded polyurethane and silicone casing. Integrated pushers, and a prominent solid stainless steel bezel to protect the hardened mineral crystal. Tapered custom injection molded silicone band with water flow texture on the bottom side, patented locking looper, and a stainless steel buckle with stainless steel screw bar. Whoa, I hope that convinced you to give this watch a go!

Check out the Ultratide on AMAZON


PRICE Range $$
WATERPROOF 100 meters
Time, date and month, 12/24h, Tide, Alarm


This Supertide’s main concept is like its name says: specializing on the Tide. It’s got a nice, large and clear screen to read the details. This model here has got a fun color-scheme as well, that you don’t see very often on other surf-watches. With the rhythm of the tide displayed in high-resolution detail, the Supertide syncs you up with the motion of the ocean so you know exactly when to go for a surf. Whether you’re sitting in the line up at your local break or frothing away in your car, stuck in traffic, by having a super-tide you know when to hit the waves. This watch is sitting right in the middle of this list and is probably best for a person who likes a solid, well multi-functional surf watch like this Supertide here. It’s lightweight, rugged and very good quality – as the Nixon standards go.

See this product and different color-schemes on AMAZON


WATERPROOF 100 meters
Features: Digital module with calendar, dual time, alarm, countdown timer and light functions. Custom LCD in either negative or positive display

A watch with a wide band, solid and clear screen and multifunctional features. Take throwback style to the next level with the nostalgic-inspired vibes of the Nixon Regulus surf watch. Team-designed and custom built-in collaboration with U.S. Special Operations. Custom solid stainless steel case,  hardened mineral crystal, injection molded silicone pushers. Articulated, free swing leather strap with locking looper for a secure fit.

Check out the Nixon Regulus on AMAZON

rip curl logo



Another well-known brand that makes kick-ass surfing sports gear. Rip Curl belongs to the “Big Three” Australian surfing companies with Billabong and Quiksilver. Rip Curl surf watches are preferred by many, and for a good reason!

Check out the Rip Curl Surf Watches for men down below:

Rip Curl “RIFLES”

Case DIAMETER 41 mm
PRICE Range $$
WATERPROOF 100 meters
FEATURES: 500 programmed tide locations / Graph & Detailed view, Stop Watch, Dual time, Light, Countdown counter, ABS Case.

The matte black rifles have the necessary features to be a fair choice for the needy surfers. The Rifles features a Polyurethane material, that withstands dramatic temperature changes and is highly tear resistant. ABS Case stands for tough and lightweight plastic on the case and strap construction. This watch is said to be extremely easy to use as well!

Conclusions: Looks good, sits at the beginning of the 3-digit price range and features a wide variety of surf-related gadgets.

Check out the Rifles on Amazon

Rip Curl “SEARCH GPS 2”

Case DIAMETER 43 mm
PRICE Range $$$
WATERPROOF 100 meters
FEATURES: GPS Tracking, App sync, 1400 pre-programmed locations, Top Speed, Distance, Duration, Swell Height, Swell Direction, Sunrise&sunset, Moon phase.

As the name already exposed, the “Search GPS” by Rip Curl features a GPS tracking, on top of all the previous essentials a tide watch should have. Due to the versatility, The Search GPS 2 is also suitable for snowboarding, swimming, running and much more.

Conclusions: You get what you pay for, and this is watch stands at the top-range position of the surf watches in this list.

Check out the Search GPS 2 on Amazon

quiksilver logo



One of the most popular boardsports brands in the market. Quiksilver has gained trust among the extreme sports enthusiasts by making the gear and plenty of accessories to match the occasion.

Check out the most popular Quiksilver surf watches for men:

Quiksilver “ADDICTIV PRO”

Case Diameter 40 mm
PRICE Range $$
WATERPROOF 100 meters
FEATURES: 12/24h, Tide indicator, calendar, chronograph, countdown.

Addictiv Pro is a basic electronical surf tide watch by Quiksilver. It features a solid TR90 Case and TR90 Nylon crystal screen. The band is made of UV-resistant silicone. It looks very simple, both professinal and casual looking surf watch.

Conclusions: A basic yet rugged tidal watch.

Check out the Quiksilver Addictiv on Amazon

Quiksilver STRINGER

Case Diameter 46 mm
PRICE Range $$
Features: Dual time, alarm, sunrise/sunset, heat timer, training mode based on Tabata training, Countdown timer and, Electro-luminescent night dial, 12 years of pre-programmed tide data for 300 spots around the world. Including the Americas, Europe, Australia, Asia Pacific & Africa.

The Stringer is an advanced Quiksilver surf tide watch. It’s equipped with more features than the Addictiv Pro. Also, the case is rather large. It’s got a fair price considering the amount of features this surf watch has got!

Conclusions: A great watch tide watch with plenty of bells and whistles! Can’t go wrong with Quiksilver.

Check out the Stringer on AMAZON

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