Surf Gear Guide

Surfing is a sport for enthusiastic athletes, and proper gear is a must to maximize your time on the water. Check out the following articles to find the best possible deals and information to fulfill your surfing habits.

  • SURFBOARD BACKPACKS – A Guide to different types of backpacks to support your surf-travel habits. Best surfboard and wetsuit backpacks.


  • SURFBOARD BAGS AND BOARD COVERS – Different types of surfboard bags reviewed. Surfboard sock, day cover bag, multiple board travel bag. With wheels or with a shoulder strap. Find the most suitable board bag to suit your needs. As boards are very fragile and give us the utmost fun – make sure to protect the board safely!


  • SURFBOARD RACKS – Racks to store your surfboard. Bicycle, motorcycle, car travel racks. Car Roof racks, wall racks. Horizontal or vertical. Nowadays you’ll find all the racks to suit your needs at a reasonable price online. A must-read article to every surf fanatic out there.


  • SURF WAXEverything you need to know about the wax. Waxing process, importance and much more. Should you use a base-coat or just a single top-coat will do. Wax temperature chart and certain wax softness reviewed. What is the wax made of anyway, and how to clear your board after a session? There is an alternative to surf wax – for the people who don´t like to get an occasional wax-rash to their chest. 


  • SURF WATCHESSurf tidal watches reviewed. A simple analog time-teller or a tidal watch with a GPS tracker? Nixon, Rip Curl and Quiksilver have been producing the widest variety of surf watches over time so you’ll surely find a suitable model to your needs.

Be free to check out our other surf-related articles as well. We upload our website every now and then so make sure to stick around!