Essential Surfing Accesories

No, this article is not going to feature any coffee mugs, instead:

Here you will find a list of essential surfing accessories to get the most out of your favourite hobby – SURFING. If you are the type of person who desires only the best extras in everything they do – then this article is especially for you. It is also a guide that will help to choose a gift for your friend.


The most elementary accessory you can have is a surf changing towel. No need to explain the necessity of that. It’s a two in one combo: dry your body after a session and get changed the same time. Definitely, an elementary accessory when you are into surfing or any other water-related sports. Just pull it over and you are done, don’t need to fiddle around between your opened car doors or changing somewhere in the bush. You need it especially after a long and cold session, where your body is really struggling to get that wetsuit off and you are about to flash your body parts. One of those things you don’t like to buy yourself, but expect others to get it for you.

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Another great way to step out of your wet and dripping wetsuit into a clean mat. Don’t need to worry about the small rocks inside your wetsuit next time you put it on. Essential for our brothers and sisters surfing the cold water with a wetsuit. After you have got out of the wetsuit, you just simply dry your feet and put on your shoes and socks without carrying the sand everywhere. And to make things better, you can simply dump the wetsuit into the wetsuit bag and walk away. We all know that when you surf – you’ll find wet clothes and sand everywhere around your home and car, so this product will definitely save your girlfriends/boyfriends nerves. A must have accessory.

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Another essential accessory to keep your board covered from the damaging UV rays and dings.

Surfboard socks are stretchy and easy to pull over the board. They are also preventing your wax to melt off your board on a sunny day or get covered with sand. Simple and stylish way to give your board and extra protection. If you are interested in reading more about the surfboard cover bags, check out my related article on that.

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Easy and convenient way to store your car keys and lock it somewhere safe – so you don’t have to worry about your car keys getting wet or even lost during the surf. These security case style locks are very popular amongst surfers. Make sure this product has the correct size for your keys. The dimensions are Width 43mm, Length 70mm, Wide 30mm. So yeah, if you want to go surfing without worrying too much about if your keys are still in your socks or is the electronic car key still dry – get this Awesome padlock! You can use this lock to store the extra garage keys in some instances or more. Great gift again. Another must have accessorie that should be on any surfers list.

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Good to store the wetsuit or boardshorts on your backpack. Those bags are generally with extra pockets – where you could store all the accessories like the wax, wax-comb, sunscreen, bottle of water, fin key, home and car keys and all the rest you need. And whoever is into snorkelling, diving, spearfishing or why not surf photography, you can attach the fins in between the top clips. I always use this bag to chuck all the wetsuit and boots, hoodie and everything wet in there after the surf. And once you get home, you can simply fill the whole bag with water to rinse out the salt from inside the belongings.

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Rubber earplugs in general help to prevent any ear infections in the surf, and they also protect your ears drums in heavy surf. There is also something about that silenced around you wearing those. We know that surf can be quite loud and messy. And don’t worry – you can still hear your mates when wearing those earplugs. I’ve seen many people use the wired earplugs as well. As we have one pair of eyes and one pair of ears, that are very prone to any damage – I would strongly recommend using these. A healthy accessory.

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Whether you need it for your car, on your wall at home or carrying on your bicycle. A surfboard rack is a gadget every surfer should have. I have already made an article about several different racks so take a look and choose a one that suits you best. Or even better, gather ideas to make your very own rack. Usually, the design is rather simple to do it yourself on a very small budget.

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This Trident One Step wetsuit cleaning gel is made to clean and freshen your wetsuit. The soak-in formula dissolves salt, dirt and body oils. It is meant to use on neoprene wetsuit and to mix 2oz the gel per 8 gallons of water. It is an 8 oz bottle so you get a good four hits out of it. Definitely a good way to get the most out of your wetsuits life.

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This pair of Bushnell binoculars is a must when you are a keen surfer. The Permafocus is a “hands-free” focusing system where your eye adapts to the field of view. It’s got fully coated optics, lens caps to protect it from the dust while on the move. Binoculars are super-handy when you are looking for a great sand-bar beach break in the distance or looking your friends surf from the shore. Awesome to see your friends surfig in the distaTHE HAnce as well.

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Let’s Face It – We all have struggled to hang the wet and heavy wetsuit through the hanger and most of the time – even broke the hanger completely or bend it! Well, let me introduce you the best possible way to hang your wetsuit! Made of high-strength ABS recycled plastic and It’s got no metal parts that could rust. Made in San Diego, California.

This design is best since it will eliminate shoulder wear and the wetsuit dries out evenly.

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beach cruiser reviewA BEACH CRUISER

A beach cruiser bicycle is definitely the best out of the list. A person, who has never ridden a beach cruiser bicycle never before does not know what riding a bicycle with comfort means. This beach cruiser has everything you could ask from a simple single-speed bicycle. Also, the price is between one-to-two hundred dollars. That’s a hell of a bike for that amount of the bike. Best suited for somebody who is going slow and for occasional short rides. But, I’ve made an extensive article about keen cyclists, who want to Cruise for a long time.

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I’m sure at one point all of us have given a thought to try out the surf sunglasses. Why? Because most spots in the world where the surf quality is good and the weather is warm – there is also the burning sun and the UVA/UVB rays. Silverifish makes a wide variety of surf sunglasses for water sports – so this would be a great investment in your own health – or a great present for your water-sport loving friend. We all know one, right?

  • Good quality with extras
  • Awesome looking, different designs
  • Reasonable price

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Or would like you to get a new leash, traction pad or a pair of fins?

Well, I hope you found that guide useful. I’ll try to renew this page whenever I get any new ideas. In the meantime,  go check out the other posts as well. Chur