A question all of us face at a certain point on our lives. Not all of us are fortunate enough to live right by the sea, where we could hide the keys under the floor mat and take a stroll to the beach.

Unlike any other sport, where you can stash the keys and valuable in your pocket or in the locker – surfing requires spending most of the time in the water, needless to say what water does to the keys and electronics. Fair enough if you have a good quality pocket in your boardshorts, and you have a non-digital car/home key – you’re good to go. Well, apparently not all our cars and homes are equipped with face-recognizing technologies, so take a look at the alternatives many surfers are facing as well.

Most surfers are concerned about:

  • Someone breaking into the car and steal their phone, wallet, and keys
  • Steal their car

Car key / Scooter key surf safety solutions


Here we go with the pro’s and con’s having a good and expensive car, especially when you are a true hearted surfer. Leaving the keys on top of your tire won’t work anymore if you feel bad your car getting solution.


1. Get a cheap runabout

One that you can “afford to lose”. Walking home in a dripping wetsuit with a miserable feeling that your car got stolen is better than walking home in a dripping wetsuit and a feeling that your expensive car/scooter got stolen.


2. Bring It With You

Use a pocket and possibly a string attached to the key, obviously with a standard non-electric. For extra security, you could tie a knot over the keychain so it would not come loose, or simply loop the existing string through the keys.

If you have a electronic car key, then using an extra small water-proof bag is a way to go!

Check out theWITZ SURF SAFE waterproof pouch (Available in Small and large) on AMAZON


3. Leave the car doors open

You could simply leave the doors open, and hide the key inside the car. I’m sure there are way more spots to hide the keys in the car than under the car. This method only works when you don’t have any valuables with you.


4. Get a padlock/lockbox

Padlocks are widely used among surfers. The only reasonable, safest way and probably most used method on this list.

Where to lock the padlock when going surfing? Just be creative – anywhere is fine as long as the lock gets locked. Most used spots: Over the wheel spoke, door handle, tow-bar, roof-rack etc.

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5. Leave the keys to the nearest coffee-shop / life-save club

Coffee and food trucks know their way around, therefore, know exactly where to “park their business”. Usually, where there’s surf – there’s a good quality beach with lots of beachgoers nearby. And, of course, a great coffee station right after the enduring session sounds good already.

6. Go Key-less

Get yourself a partner who enjoys the walk down the beach and can take care of your valuables while you are having fun. Zero stress there.




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